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31st December 2017
Hello everyone..
I would just like to take this opportunity to tell you about The Hyperthyroid Cat Centre as I know many of you will have Cats at home yourselves.

A couple of months back now my cat Snuggles (here in the pic) was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism.
We took Snuggles to the vets because he was losing weight but eating loads, but the eating part we put down to Snuggles normal behaviour as he has always had a good appetite since a kitten :) Initially I thought he needed a dental because he was also having trouble with eating..
But after having blood tests we found out it was his Thyroid. The options were medication, surgery or Radio-iodine treatment (which when we found out the cost it sort of ruled it out to start with)
Snuggles was put on the medication but after a few days it was clear that it wasn't going to work for him and only being 9 yrs old he has many good years left and I wanted him to be at his best.. I started to research the Radio-iodine treatment for myself and came across the Hyperthyroid Cat Centre. Reading through their website I contacted them (on their website) and I was sent a full booklet with everything I needed to know about not only the treatment but everything you needed to know about Hyperthyroid and all the other alternatives..
Although It was a lot of information to take in and when reading through the booklet it all becomes a little daunting, but I really needn't have worried. But I think all of us that have Pets whatever we have, we love them dearly and the thought of them suffering or being poorly is very worrying and we only want whats best for them, as they are part of our family...

The next trip to our vets I told them I was contemplating the Radio-iodine treatment and have they heard of the HCC, which they had and to my relief they had experience in dealing with them and had send other cats there for treatment.

So, the decision was made, my vet contacted HCC the next morning and I had a call that afternoon from my vet that the HCC would contact me later on that evening, which I did and spent about an hour on the phone with Angela & Amanda who were really friendly, helpful and answered all my questions. After deciding to go ahead the date was booked, it was a no brainer really, medication wasn't working for him and the radio-iodine had a 90 to 95% chance of a cure.

Within 6 days we were travelling to Wetherby to the HCC to admit Snuggles for his treatment.. I have to say my stomach was in knots and I was so nervous, snuggles has never been away from home before and leaving him there was going to be the hardest thing ever.
We arrived after travelling an hour and half or so to be greeted by Amanda before we had even got out of the car. We walked into the centre which was spacious and bright and then taken into their welcoming room. Everyone was so welcoming and they all wanted to get to know snuggles and fell in love with him.. We were offered drinks and cake and we met Vicky who took snuggles to have his checkup while we chatted to Amanda and sorted out consent forms.
Then snuggles was bought back to me and we went through all the treatment with Andrew who is just brilliant, he really did put our minds at rest (although i was struggling at this point as i was about to leave my fur-baby with him)
Everyone at the centre are passionate about what they do and the treatment, and of course it goes without saying that they are also passionate about Cats, they all have their own cats, I couldn't have put snuggles in safer hands, I left knowing that he was going to get the best care to their ability

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